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Hi Nick,

> Has Alpha POP (POP-11 for the Mac) died a horrible death, or can I upgrade
> my unworkable copy for a shiney new one that runs under System 7.1?

If you bought your copy then I am sure that Cognitive Applications
will upgrade it free of charge (except P&P, I expect).   My own copy
of AlphaPOP works perfectly well under System 7.1.

> I originally got Alpha POP because of{*filter*} Pountain's glowing report of it
> in Byte. I found it interesting, but didn't do much with it because of the
> dearth of books available.

The best book for use with AlphaPOP is Jonathan Laventhol's
"Programming in POP11".  A full reference is included at the end of
this message.


P.S. Here's the reference.  I rather doubt that it is in print at the
     moment.  However, it is well worth tracking down.  I consider it
     a very good introductory text.

%A Laventhol J.
%T Programming in POP-11
%I Blackwell Scientific Publications Ltd.
%D 1987
%O An introduction to Pop-11, adhering to the AlphaPop subset.

Tue, 19 Mar 1996 20:31:07 GMT  

>The best book for use with AlphaPOP is Jonathan Laventhol's
>"Programming in POP11".  

Thanks for the book info; I'll look for it! ...but is AlphaPOP still supported?


Wed, 20 Mar 1996 00:58:31 GMT  
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