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Hi all

Does anyone know the current status of Alphapop (an old pop-11 on the
Mac)?  Last I heard it was no longer supported.

My problem is that on later (68k) Macs 32-bit addressing has to be switched
off for Alphapop to run.  But I want to run it on a portable (540c)
where it is not possible to switch off 32-bit addressing (and Alphapop
fails with a "type 1 error").  

So, is there a 32 bit clean version of Alphapop out there or a hack to
make it run?  Any other pop-11 existing or planned for the Mac?  

Many thanks for any comments.  Copies by email appreciated, my
newsfeed is unreliable.


Anthony Robins  ----------------------------------------------------

University of Otago                             ph:    +64 3 4798314
Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND                            fax:   +64 3 4798529

Sat, 01 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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