ASCII-draw: application for ved ? 
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 ASCII-draw: application for ved ?

A recent post re. 'mouse drawing in xved' prompted this thought.
{ I don't use xved .}

Some nice schematic diagrams via ascii-graphics exist.
I've often wanted to do some.

I think this could be a suitable polog project.
Is linux ved 25/24 * 80 chars ?
Adding the mouse driver could be done (if it doesn't already exist)
after the basic feasibility is established -  or even use keys.

I haven't been in poplog for a while: can one 'run' in one half-screen
and get the output in out.p in the 'observer half screen' ?

Can the 'out.p observer half screen' move the cursor up and back ?

The heuristic refinements to the different characters to use for the
various line slopes and transitions 'feel' very poplog-ish ?

My first tests would be to see it this is possible:
   While holding down right-arrow, can 'other screen' show progress of:
   While holding down South-west-key can 'other screen' show progress of:
{ view with constant width font}

I imagine a 25*80 'pixel-array' initially.
Copying/moving blocks should be OK.

Comments ?

-- Chris Glur.

Wed, 31 Aug 2005 20:20:07 GMT  
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