PLUG93 - Call for Referees 
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 PLUG93 - Call for Referees

(I am trying to track down a problem posting news, so a very similar
message to this one is being posted via news.)

PLUG93 will be held in association with ES93 on 13-15 December 1993 in
Cambridge, England. Technical papers will be reviewed to conventional
conference standards, but there will also be an applications track which
will not be peer-reviewed.

Papers will be posted to referees on 9 August 1993 and the reviewers'
meeting will take place on 6 September 1993 either in Posrtsmouth or

If you are willing to review papers with a Poplog or Pop Languages
content then please contact me.

   Dr. James Anderson
   Department of Computer Science
   University of Reading
   RG6  2AY

James Anderson

Fri, 08 Dec 1995 17:32:48 GMT  
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