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I'm trying to write a stemmer similar to the 'Porter Stemming Algorithm' in
POP11. When I input a word such as 'walking', 'walks' or 'walked' (etc) I
want it to return 'walk' to me.

I need to enter this word as a list [walking]->word, I can work out what the
ending of the word is by matching the letters to the ascii code eg: to see
if the end letter is g I do:


if [^char1] = [103] then

but I can't then delete these end letters without having the resulting stem
returned as [w a l k] not [walk]. I've tried using delete(), and other ways,
and have read up on lists etc but to no avail.

please help!

Nicki Brown
Electronic Engineering
University of Birmingham

Mon, 22 Aug 2005 20:06:41 GMT  
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