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> ...I have a large text access menu system installed in
> POPLOG, displaying the text using XVed. However, XVed does not seem to
> recognise that the text is written in wrap-around format and is therefore
> displaying it with new paragraphs on successive lines - in other words,
> making a total hash of it!!
>   Does anyone know how to instruct XVed to accept wrap-around text?? I
> think it's a simple case of setting a Boolean variable to TRUE, but I
> don't know which one !!
>   Thanks for your help...
>   Dave Mallaburn (Applied Physics)

Although your question was not sent to pop-forum I am copying
my answer to pop-forum (which gets related to the comp.lang.pop
newsgroup) in case anyone has a better answer than mine.

There is no way that Ved can actually display long lines in a wrap
around mode. (Perhaps it should be changed to allow that.)

(Is this is a case of text produced by one of those editors
that pretend to be breaking lines when they don't really?).

Perhaps it would suffice for you to invoke the following procedure
that will actually break all the lines, assuming you want to do it
for the whole file.

define ved_wrap;
        vedputmessage('PLEASE WAIT -- BREAKING LONG LINES');
        ;;; save current location

        ;;; jump to top of file

        ;;; Now 'justify' each line, by breaking it.
        ;;; stop if at end of file
                ;;; mark and 'justify' the current line
                vedmarklo(); vedmarkhi(); ved_j();
                ;;; go to next line
        ;;; return to original location
        ;;; clear range mark

There are many ways you can vary this, e.g. by making it do it only
within part of the the file (vedjumpto(startline, 1) and change
the quitif test, using vedline > maxline).

Also this will change the file in VED so that it will try to write
the file with line breaks when you finish. To prevent that, include

        false -> vedwriteable;

Also you can vary the width to use, e.g. by assigning a column number
to vedlinemax.

I hope that helps.


Mon, 25 Mar 1996 04:17:16 GMT  
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