How PL/I Gets Bad-Rapped...(Cross Post From COBOL Newsgroup) 
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 How PL/I Gets Bad-Rapped...(Cross Post From COBOL Newsgroup)

Subject: Re: morphed topic: Which Languages?(was:Re: Why COBOL is still there

Date: Sat, Sep 12, 1998 14:06 EDT

>Subject: Re: morphed topic: Which Languages?(was:Re: Why COBOL is
>still there ?)

>Date: Sat, Sep 12, 1998 06:15 EDT

>> I remember my first PL/1 program change.  I'd taken the request,
>> examined the source program, found the place and made the changes before
>> realising that I didn't know PL/1 and had never before come into contact
>> with it.  It compiled, tested and went live OK, though.

>IMHO, this says something positive about PL/1, as well.

>Bill {*filter*}

Be careful before you leap into other programming languages without knowing
what you're doing...

A number of years back, I got a call from the the IS head of a company I left a
couple of months earlier.

He was complaining about some PL/I programs I had written that no longer
When asked what modifications had been made since my departure, he firmly
stated that no code had been changed.

When pressed on the subject, he noted that their head COBOL geek, apparently
unaware of the concept of scope of variables, had noted that the PL/I program
violated his {*filter*}retentive COBOL standards and "improved" things by
rearranging all the PROCEDUREs into alphabetical order. The COBOL geek
reassured the IS head that this could not possibly cause any problems.


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