Win95/PostScript problem 
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 Win95/PostScript problem

I have two postscript ptinters attached to my computer.
Running Windows 95. One printer is a LaserMaster 800,
the other is an Okidata 810e/PS. Both purport to support
PostScript Level 2.

 When I print a file from most programs, it prints fine.  I have
a DTP program (Publisher 2 from CompuWorks) which
causes both printers to choke. It appears that a statement
like :

"xxx xxx xxx clip sM CM" causes the choke.

The Oki specifically complains about the "sM" operator.
Does anybody know what this is?

Also, who generates the postscript code? Is it the application
or does Windows generate it from the GDI output? I know
Uncle Bill doesn't want us to worry our pretty little heads about
stuff like this, but I'd like to know.


Mon, 01 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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