Help needed - MVS PLI23 
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 Help needed - MVS PLI23

I am in some need of help
My Company uses a P390 "mainframe" and it has gone down with a SCSI raid
board failure and I need to urgently get a fix to a client, the SCSI
board is discontinued by IBM. We have located a replacement part in USA
which is being posted to us.

The program is MVS and PLI23, no Language Environment please
It is about 50 lines of executable code
I need to change about three of them
I would appreciate it (and will pay for privilege) to have someone
accept via attachment my source code, and annotated code, load up XMIT
file of PLI source code to MVS, change code and compile to get object
code, create XMIT file of object code and email it back to me

Less than one hours work but obviously disruptive
Any takers?

John Wood

Sat, 21 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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