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 Millennium language Extensions

--- Updating PL/I programs for Year 2000 compliancy ---

Trivial alterations can make a PL/I program Year 2000 compliant.

IBM's Millennium Language Extensions for PL/I enable two-digit years to be
handled as if they were 4-digit years automatically.

        The DATE attribute is required.  For example,

         /* specifies that the date is in the old 2-digit year format. */

IF X > Y HEN ....

Suppose that X has the value 990614 for 14th June 1999, and that Y has the value
010531 for 31st May 2001.

In the above comparison PL/I treats X's year as 1999 and Y's year as 2001.
It does this by using a 100-year window, supplied as a compiler option.

PL/I automatically expands the two-digit year to four digits.

The advantage of this new DATE type is that an existing non-compliant Year 2000
program may undergo minor alterations in order to handle two-digit years (and
thus become Year 2000 compliant).

Four-digit years can also be specified in the DATE attribute.

In addition to the DATE attribute, the extensions are supported by new built-in

REPATTERN       converts a date in one of the 37 standard patterns to another
                of the standard formats;
Y4DATE          Converts a date in the form YYMMDD to the 4-digit form YYYYMMDD;
Y4JULIAN        Converts a date in the form YYDDD to the 4-digit form YYYYDDD;
Y4YEAR          Converts a date in the forn YY to the 4-digit form YYYY.

The standard date formats include year first, month first, and day first.
Others include a numeric month and an alphabetic month, and of course
date formats with two-digit years and four-digit years (as well as those
already mentoned)

Furthermore, the existing functions:
DAYS, DAYSTODATE, SECS, SECSTODATE, and VALIDDATE have an additional argument
to support windowing.

Note:  not all usages of dates can be converted as simply as this, but it's
certainly worth giving the MLE a very close look.

The Millennium Language Extensions are available in IBM VisualAge PL/I for OS/2,
AIX, and Windows.

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