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 Boycott The Body Shop !!! 30


> Description: Anita Roddick (founder and CEO of  The Body Shop) commentary for
> the London Independent regarding American civil liberties since 9/11/2001

Why boycott? It's all true after all. The Bush administration used 9/11
to get a law-enforcement wish list of crime fighting 'reforms' passed,
giving the DoJ sweeping new powers that they haven't even begun to fully
exploit. Now we even have the Solisiter General preparing to argue -
before the supreme court - that it's OK to use 'coersive' interigation
techniques (read that as torture if you like, 'casue that's what it is)
as long as the police don't use the subsiquent admissions against the
person being tortured.

Now we are looking at a first strike against another country. This is
something we have never done, and have said over and over again that we
would never do. It's something that government of, by, and for the
people should never be invovled in. Yet here we are.

We've come a long since 9/11. To question the worth of the trip and ask
about maybe going back a bit is hardly uncalled for.

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