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 fortran anyone?


> Moving here from C -> fortran <- PL/I  
> in reply to Robin's message below...

> >FTR, PL/I introduced list processing back in 1966 or 1967.
> >It ws not until Fortran 90 (c. 1991) did Fortran have comparable
> >facilities.

> You have been very silent about how to output a list
> when the list has been passed as an argument in PL/I,
> You sure you have comparable list processing to C or Fortran?

   procedure (Head);

      declare Head pointer;
      DECLARE Current POINTER;

      Current = Head;

      DO WHILE (Current ^= NULL);
         PUT (Curent -> Value);
         Current = Current -> Ptr;


Printing a linked list is a standard (and trivial) task in PL/I.

You can do something very similar in Fortran also.

As I said, list processing has ben available in
PL/I since around 1967.

With those facilities, one can process any kind of linked list,
and list structures including trees.

It was the first general purpose labguage to
include such facilities.

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