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Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 17:40:46 GMT


>> ps. So why is the newsgroup called comp.lang.pl1
> It is probably in the archives somewhere.  There was a discussion,
> and comp.lang.pl1 won.

When it came to the vote, the preference was for pl1 over everything else.

[As Glen says, the lack of a "/" in newsgroup names meant that
pl/1 or pl/i wasn't an option.]

>  Slash is illegal in newsgroup names, do
> pl/i was not a choice.  There are a number of other language
> related features named pli,
> though not pl/i.  Personally, it makes it easier to search for the
> newsgroup.  The string pl1 is unique in newsgroup lists, but pli is
> not.
>-- glen

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