New PL/I Book (in German) 
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 New PL/I Book (in German)

I'm pleased to announce the 5th edition of my book

    Das neue PL/I
    (fr PC, Workstation und Mainframe)

published September 2002 with Vieweg-Verlag, ISBN 3-528-44792-3.

I've added a section about the WIDECHAR attribute and a chapter about
"Interfaces to the World", dealing with interfacing to C, REXX, and
Java. An example shows starting a Java Virtual Machine, creating
objects, and calling methods for asking an internet time server for
the current time. Other examples demonstrate CGI programming and using
the PLISAX builtin function for XML parsing. (A nice idea of my
publisher: a SAXophonist is shown on the cover :-)

You can find the preface ("Vorwort"), a table of contents
("Inhaltsverzeichnis"), and the examples ("Beispiele") on my web page:


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