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 Run Time Error Handling


> I've a large suite of "real-time" performance monitoring code using
> Watcom F77 v11.0 running under OS/2.  Not my choice, but IS has decreed
> "Thou shalt convert to NT"....uggh!  I'd rather play in the traffic, but
> I got'sa make a living somehow..

> Anyway, I bought Digital VF and have gotten started, albeit
> slowly----add my unfamiliarity with Windows of any flavor, a new
> compiler, new IDE (figured I should use SOME of those fancy tools, but
> I'm becoming more and more convinced I can do better faster from the
> command line as I've always thought, although I'm not giving up for a
> while, I want to think I did give it a fair shake....

> Anyway, (did I say that once already?), the first apparent major
> roadblock appears to be in the run-time error handling.

If it's run-time error-handling that you want, try
PL/I, which has well-defined error-handling and recovery.
The compiler, Visual PL/I, is available on NT as well as OS/2.
> Any ideas, anybody????

> Thanks, and sorry for the wordiness,
> Duane

Wed, 08 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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