Announcement: New Course - Introduction to z/OS UNIX 
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 Announcement: New Course - Introduction to z/OS UNIX


I am very pleased to announce a new course, the first of a new curriuculm on
UNIX on the mainframe.

YES! You can run UNIX on the mainframe (of course, you guys already know that).
Why would you want to do that?, some have said. The main reasons are efficiency
and cost savings. You can now run your UNIX apps on the same box that runs your
mission-critical day to day work - this includes your Web-based applications.

Now a single system can run your PL/I, COBOL, CICS, DB2 applications and your
email, intranet, and Internet applications. One system. (Or multiple systems,
for large shops, but all the same: z/OS mainframes also running UNIX and Web.)
Get rid of the UNIX boxes and roll those apps onto your mainframe.

Mainframes aren't dead at all. In fact, they have been expanded enoromously
over the last 8 years.

This new course is intended for applications programmers. If we don't get
applications out there, visible, it might be another nail in the mainframe
coffin. So take a minute and spread the word in your installation: who in your
shop needs to learn these skills? This is a first step on the path for
extending the PL/I / COBOL / C / Assembler mainframe applications programmers
into the Web and UNIX worlds: trade on the business knowledge these people have
and help them apply that to the corporate Web presence - all on the mainframe.

Anyway, quick overview of the first course:

Introduction to z/OS UNIX - 3 days.

Audience: applications programmers who need to support or develop UNIX
applications on the mainframe; must have good TSO/ISPF skills to start.

What's cool: by the end of the course, each student will have created a small
web site on your mainframe, viewable from browsers that can access your
corporate intranet.

You don't need that expensive WebSphere software for this class. IBM provides a
free basic web server with OS/390 and z/OS (yes, this course can be run on
systems that are OS/390 V2R8 or later, also), and we use that for our labs.

For details, check out our course description at

As usual, you can link from their to the course objectives and / or the
detailed topical outline.


More UNIX on the mainframe courses coming. Other cool tricks we will teach
include: sending email from your mainframe; how to have your mainframe contact
a pager or cell phone (set up auto call for abends of production work, or
successful completion of that important job, for example). And more.


Kind regards,

-Steve Comstock
The Trainer's Friend, Inc,

Fri, 25 Feb 2005 23:37:27 GMT  
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