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 Visual Age PL/I for OS/390

Well, the news is semi-good for this new compiler.

At SHARE this week I learned you can call between VA PL/I and old PL/I, as long
as you are aware of a few restrictions. Especially note:

* you cannot pass arrays and structures across language levels, since the
descriptors are different; however, you can use the VA compiler option
NODESCRIPTORS and pass data if the other program is using OPTIONS(ASM) or
OPTIONS(COBOL); alternatively, you can pass / receive pointers to arrays and

* you cannot pass strings unless you compile the new PL/I using options(compat)

* you cannot share files across language levels, nor controlled variables,
external static items, label variables, nor entry variables

* old PL/I cannot FETCH VA PL/I modules

* VA PL/I can only FETCH old PL/I modules if the old module is declared with

So, there are some restrictions, but it is a lot better than first understood.
I asked one of the developers why the original message was so strong. He said
IBM was trying to "strongly encourage" everyone to recompile, and he allowed
that maybe they stated the case a little too heavily. [But hey, look what's
happened to the COBOL side: they have supported the old stuff for a long time,
thus giving little incentive to change and move forware. Hard to find a
balance, I imagine.]

Just thought there might be a little interest.


Steve Comstock
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Fri, 30 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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