Wanted: Random PL1-code generator 
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 Wanted: Random PL1-code generator

What I'm looking for is a utility that generates compilable PL1 code
consisting of random statements.
I can then use this utilitly to generate a routine in a millisecond
whenever David Frank posts here, so I then have a bit of code I can post in
response to one of his childish challenges. In the time he then takes to
try and work out what it's supposed to be doing, or where it doesn't
correspond to his fortran routines, we can all get on with th egroup as

It won't stop him posting, or posting much less, I think, but maybe it'll
keep him quiet for a bit. Bit like throwing a dog a stick. Any takers? Oh,
btw, I think it could be written in PL1 better that it could in Fortran.


Sun, 18 Dec 2005 19:23:59 GMT  
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