Hello PL/1 programmers out there ! 
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 Hello PL/1 programmers out there !

Hello Friends!

My name is Mike and im going to be teached in PL/1 programming in the next
3 month. Im one member of
a 30 people group which were choosen to get an intensive
training in this language. After this school called "Software engineering
school" were going to work in one of five companies,
that initiated this school.
The reason why im writing this, is simple. Starting a programming
language, especially PL/1 means that i will having more or less
problems. So i was searching for a newsgroup depending on this.
Now ive found this one and hope you are posting some messages if you are
willing to help a beginner.
Further i want you to forgive me my "not so well" english. Thats
in fact im from Austria with german as motherlanguage. :-)

Some tech specs. : Were working on an IBM Mainframe with
MVS and Endevor installed. Our training room offers 15 PCs
running a terminal emulation. Weve written some very easy code
today. An easy input - sort - output programm. And it makes fun
a lot.

I wish you the best and hope to read some feedback

c u    Mike Span ....

Fri, 17 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
 Hello PL/1 programmers out there !

>Now ive found this one and hope you are posting some messages if you are
>willing to help a beginner.

I think you will find almost everyone here willing to help a beginner
___IF___ you show that you have already put some effort into trying to
find the answer on your own (and not simply using the newsgroup as an
alternative to reading the manual).

I look forward to showing you some of the finer points of PL/1.

Frank Clarke
Tampa Area REXX Programmers' Alliance
REXX Language Assn
Join us at www.rexxla.org

Sat, 18 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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