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 PL/I anyone?


> Melvin Klassen says in several messages that I have
> merged my reply to below:

> re: Gauss algorithm

> >> 5. no direct a=b  array assign syntax available.

> > My code included:  b(*,*) = a(*,*);
> > To me, that looks like an example of a direct assignment, correct?

> Gunnar (or was it Robin) said you could have used the even more direct
>   b = a;
> Apparently this thread is turning out to be useful
> to teach some of you pliers PLI along with yours truly, ha ha..

You can be sure that Melvin  (0r whoever proginated the statemnet)
knows about a = b;

a = b and a(*,*) = b(*, *); are quivalent.

He obviously prefers to write it that way so as to remind
humself (and readers) that the operation is a whole array

> re:  string example...

> In my view this provides a dynamically "varying" length feature,

It's nothing like varying length.

> that may or may not be available in PLI's "varying",
> I'm not sure yet that PLI can match the implications of
> fortran's string(n:m)  string(:m)   string(n:)  syntax.

PL/I's SUBSTR exactly corresponds to Fortran's string (m:n),
string (m: ) string(whatever).

And what's more it goes beyong what Fortran provides.

> Put the shoe on the other foot,
> I question whether your "insertion" of ' '  might overflow
> PLI's base length bounds..

It doesn't.

> The Fortran assign  string(5:) =
> automatically knows it is not to exceed 40 chars

So does PL/I.

> (the declared base length) no matter how long the right side
> string is, (right side is truncated to fit the left side..

PL/I does not move more characters than the destination will allow.
As I advised before, PL/I checks that it doesn't and tells you
if it does.

Sun, 13 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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