PL/I Class, Denver, June 5-9 
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 PL/I Class, Denver, June 5-9

Sorry to just throw this in, but we are trying to get enough students to hold
our scheduled offering of "Sructured PL/I Coding Workshop". The number of PL/I
programmers does not seem to be growing, in the States. It's still more viable
in Europe and Asia.

If you have colleagues, employees, friends, who need an intro to PL/I for the
mainframe, please point them to our web site http://www.*-*-*.com/

Link to the Public courses for information. The link from there takes you to a
course description, then course objectives, then a detailed topical outline.

We need about five more students to have a minimum class size and the cutoff
date is 17 May.

Hope people find this helpful or informative and not intrusive or pushy.


Steve Comstock
Telephone: 303-393-8716

256-B S. Monaco Parkway
Denver, CO 80224

Sun, 20 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 PL/I Class, Denver, June 5-9


> Sorry to just throw this in,

This is off topic too but here goes:


Hey all,

I've started a free listserv for mainframe computer consultants.   Note,

Mainframe only, no PC's, no Lan stuff, just a place where obsolete
dinosaurs can gather and maybe find a little work.


I hope to have some tips on pricing contract work, sheltering income,
that sort of thing, but mostly I hope to see job ads come through.

I won't object to a few rants about bosses, lying recruiters, H1B's, etc
but those are not the purpose of the listserv.  The purpose is to find
jobs and maximize income.  

While I work as a hired-gun (have mainframe, will telnet), W2 job
listings are welcome too.

If you have a favorite recruiter or even if you have one you don't
especially like, send them to the list.  Tell your friends.  Also sign
up yourself but select either the Web or Digest mode.

Web means that you can peek into the file and message archives when you
want to check out the job situation.

Digest means that the list server sends you up to 25 listings packaged
as one email.  This is a nice option as you can scan the table of
contents and if there isn't anything that interests you, you can delete
the entire email.  

Recruiters, you'd want to post as much info in the title as
possible, these are eye catching, lists skills, location and $$$$$.

  "COBOL-New York-Financial-upto $100K"

  "CICS-Assembler-Chicago-6 months-$80/hour"

On the other hand,


doesn't tell anyone anything and will get the old delete key.

I suggest that recruiters submit the listings once a week, preferably
Friday so that people have all weekend to look through the jobs.

Readers, please reply directly to the recruiter.  

From time to time, I'll post guidelines and salary surveys.  I've never
liked the online surveys or the ones published in the printed press.
They always seem lower that the numbers I see on the street.

For example, starting salaries for recent CS graduates in the Northern
{*filter*}ia area are running between $80,000 and $120,000/year.   This was
documented in the Washington Post and seems to be driven by the dot com

If you check the salary serveys, they'll quote $50,000 as a starting
salary.  This was true a year ago.   Starting salaries have gone up 50%
to 100% in the last year.

I'll keep this info flowing.  The webpage for subscribing is:


Remember it's free.

Sat, 02 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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