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 Year 2000 PL/I Compiler

   It seems that PL/I for OS/2 and PL/I for Windows NT are the first
of IBM's compilers to have Year 2000 facilities specifically dealing
with 2-digit years, and to handle automatically 100-year

   The schedule for implementing these new features shows that the
above-mentioned compilers are to be available in October 1997,
even ahead of mainframe COBOL and mainframe PL/I.  These compilers are
to receive the enhancements in the first half of 1998.

   The additions include new attributes:



which, when compiled, allow comparisons of dates in IF statements
to treat dates above 99 as 2099 instead of above 1999.
I.e., the date 97 (which means 1997) ranks less than the date 01
(which represents 2001).

   Thus, for certain classes of program, it's possible to make it
year 2000 ready by altering declarations, and without altering
the logic of the program.  And without altering files.

   In the document http://www.*-*-*.com/
it's not explained how to specify the window, but my guess is that
it might be via a compile-time option as is proposed with the
COBOL version.

   Suggest reading the above-mentioned web page (which is 8 pages

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