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 PL/I Training Available

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Courses we teach: PL/I

Structured PL/I Coding Workshop - 5 days
Advanced Topics in PL/I - 5 days
PL/I Debugging & Maintenance - 2 days
Interactive PL/I Debugging with PLITEST - 1 day
VSAM For PL/I Programmers - 3 days


PL/I (which stands for Programming Language I) is one of the richest application programming languages available today. Long before the advent of C, PL/I has allowed applications programmers to work at the bit and byte level, to work with any data type, and to perform system tasks as well as application work.

A number of companies comitted to PL/I as their primary application language many years ago, and IBM provides compilers on MVS, OS/390, VM, VSE, OS/400, and OS/2. PL/I is supported for DB2, VSAM, LE, CICS, IMS, ISPF and many other products and interfaces.

Many shops have difficulty maintaining PL/I applications, however, because there is a dearth of trained PL/I programmers available. We have supported PL/I in our classes for over 20 years, and we will continue to support training in this language as long as there is a demand.


Note that our DB2, CICS, LE, and Advanced TSO courses all allow the student to work the labs in COBOL.


Note that the most recent PL/I compiler ("PL/I for MVS & VM") requires a product called Language Environment (LE) be available for run-time support. LE is available on MVS, OS/390, VSE, VM, OS/400, and in a limited degree on OS/2.

We provide training on Language Environment topics as well as on the supported languages


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