Current IBM PL/I compilers 
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 Current IBM PL/I compilers

IBM PL/I provides a complete offering of compatible, cross-platform,
cross-product compilers that support z/OS?, OS/390?, VM, VSE/ESA,
AS/400?, AIX?, and Microsoft? Windows NT? and Windows 2000?.
Enterprise PL/I for z/OS and OS/390
IBM Enterprise PL/I provides a state-of-the-art, z/OS? and OS/390? based
compiler -- helping you create and maintain powerful, mission-critical,
line-of-business PL/I applications targeted to execute on the z/OS and
OS/390 platforms -- with access to DB2?, CICS?, IMS?, and other data and
transactions systems.
VisualAge PL/I for OS/390
IBM VisualAge? PL/I for OS/390? Version 2 provides a state-of-the-art,
OS/390-based compiler to help you create and maintain powerful,
mission-critical, line-of-business PL/I applications.PL/I for MVS & VM
IBM PL/I for MVS? & VM is a high-performance compiler with a run-time
environment, Language Environment for MVS & VM, or Language Environment
element of OS/390?.
PL/I for VSE
PL/I for VSE/ESA? is an implementation of IBM PL/I for MVS? & VM and
succeeds DOS PL/I for VSE -- providing source code compatibility for
most DOS PL/I for VSE R6 programs. PL/I for VSE/ESA requires and takes
advantage of Language Environment for VSE/ESA capabilities to support
use in mixed-language development environments and the use of reusable
components in building applications.
VisualAge PL/I for Windows
As part of the VisualAge? family, IBM PL/I now has the power to help you
leverage existing applications and take advantage of an ever-expanding
selection of language and compiler options, including millennium
PL/I Set for AIX
IBM PL/I Set for AIX? provides an optimizing compiler containing
implementation of the PL/I language, and support to improve
compatibility with mainframe PL/I .
Language Environment

In today's complex world of technology, enterprises are faced with the
task of finding efficient and consistent means for developing quality
applications with multiple languages, while maintaining their existing
inventory of legacy code. Language Environment is the perfect solution
for this task! Language Environment provides a common run-time
environment which establishes a new way of processing for C, C++, COBOL,
PL/I, fortran, and assembler applications. Language Environment is the
future direction for application development, playing a vital role
within the operating system.
Debug Tool for z/OS and OS/390
IBM Debug Tool for z/OS? and OS/390? is a program testing and analysis
aid that helps you examine, monitor, and control the execution of
programs written in C/C++, COBOL, or PL/I on OS/390, MVS?, VM, or VSE?,
and compiled Java? with the remote de{*filter*}.
Special symbols (?, ?, etc) signify that the name is a registered trademark
of IBM or Microsoft.

Thu, 20 Oct 2005 12:18:09 GMT  
 Current IBM PL/I compilers
Peter Elderon says that current IBM PL/I development is for Z/OS,
(with a tandem upgrade for VA PL/I for Windows)..
Apparently PL/I for AIX, etc. o.s. has ceased..

Thu, 20 Oct 2005 19:52:36 GMT  
 Current IBM PL/I compilers

Date: Sun, 04 May 2003 11:52:36 GMT

| Peter Elderon says that current IBM PL/I development is for Z/OS,
| (with a tandem upgrade for VA PL/I for Windows)..

What's being developed and what's for sale are two entirely
different things.

Sat, 22 Oct 2005 20:03:58 GMT  
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