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Object Oriented Ltd. offers exciting opportunities for experienced and
Senior Java Software Engineers. The positions involve development of
high quality java applications that run in complex private banking
environments. We are looking for candidates with following required
skills and abilities:

- Masters required (work permit prerequisite)
- Experience with OO methodologies (Booch, Jacobsen, etc.)
- Experience with Java tools (i.e. Visual Age)
- Min. 2+ years java experience (or 1+ year(s) combined with other
object-oriented experience (Smalltalk/C++...)
- Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) is a plus
- Swing Experience is a plus
- PL/SQL is a plus
- Experience in object-oriented analysis/design
- Analytical skills
- Good technical english
- Ability to work with minimal direction
- Teamplayer

We offer an interesting job, and an attractive compensation package
incl. relocation expenses, and we help with all the practical issues of
moving to Switzerland: dealing with authorities, finding a place to
live, etc.

Object Oriented Ltd. is a 5 years old company, specialising in OO
technology, with 20 developers from the whole world, based in beautiful
Lucerne (goto the virtual balcony of a room at or
see also
You have all winter and summer sports and hobbies THROUGHOUT the year
within 1 hour driving distance.

Make a change? It's worth a try.

Kind regards,

Fri, 03 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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