This is making me crazy...(getOpenFile) 
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 This is making me crazy...(getOpenFile)


GetOpenFile is bugging me...

I am running MacOSX 10.2.1 perl 5.8 and perl/tk 800.024.

The getOpenFile call has "stopped working" for me, ie it always returns
A null filename.

Here is a minimal example...

use Tk;

$mw = new MainWindow;

 my $myfile;
 my $types;

# Get the CSV file name

 $myfile = $mw->getOpenFile(-title=>"FooBar");
 print "...$myfile...\n";


The print statement above *always*  prints "......" ie there is nothing in

I have tried many variations of parameters but I always get the same result,

The weird thing is that in the distribution "widget" demo there is a
getOpenFile "test" that works!

What in the world can be the problem?


Sat, 26 Mar 2005 01:37:51 GMT  
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