Retrieving a line of text from a Text Widget when clicking on it 
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 Retrieving a line of text from a Text Widget when clicking on it
Hi All,

I'm a little bit stuck and wondering if anyone can help?

I have a Text widget which I have inserted lines of text into.

I have a search procedure which goes through the lines of text in the
Text widget and finds certain strings of text as entered in an Entry

When the text is found in the Text widget, every occurrence is tagged
with a highlight and also has a binding applied (button 1 more
specifically) which links to a callback.

My problem:
Once the line is found which contains the text 'searched for' I would
like to be able to click  on the bound/high lighted  text and have the
whole line returned as a string variable which I can then use in the

Keep in mind that each line of the Text widget is unique and so I need
to be able to return only the line I click on which contains the found

Does anyone have a snippet of code or can point me in the right
direction to accomplish this?

Many thanks in advance.



Thu, 12 May 2005 00:11:51 GMT  
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