Cookie expiration date and Y2K 
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 Cookie expiration date and Y2K

I have a site which requires users to log on, keeping track of their id
using cookies.   I set the cookies by printing a header like so:

$expDate =  "Friday, 31-Dec-99 23:59:00 GMT";
print "Set-Cookie: $name=$value; expires=$expDate; path=$path;

At the end of the year I wanted to extend the date to 31st dec 2000, and
after reading the official word on the subject from, changed the
date to:

$expDate = "Sunday, 31-Dec-100 23:59:00 GMT";

Is this right?   It seems to work when browsing with Netscape Naviagtor 4,
but when using MSIE 5, the cookies expire immediately.

Many thanks,

Andrew Betts

Wed, 03 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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