Making OpenGL cooperate with pTk 
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 Making OpenGL cooperate with pTk

Has any work been done towards an OpenGL Tk widget?
I currently have a program working passably with what
is, as far as X can tell, a bona fide subwindow of the
Tk mainwindow with GL drawing into it, but all X events
go through the the machinery sets up, not
through Tk; I would like the latter to happen, if convenient,
so that getting it to refresh properly is just a matter
of binding a redraw sub to <Expose>, and changing
keyboard focus works with other widgets in the same window, etc.

Assuming that the apparent lack of any such thing on CPAN
actually implies that it doesn't exist in any usable form,
would it be feasible to do this with straight perl, or
is C-level hackery required? I tend to suspect the latter;
just poking around in the guts of Tk and, it looks
like I need to get some handle on the underlying X window
of a Tk_Window and then tell OpenGL about it (something
like glCreateContext, IIRC)


Sat, 16 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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