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Client/Server Resources is an executive search firm with Senior
Technical recruiters who care about YOU!!!  Where do you want to
live?  How far are you willing to commute?  What technical challenges
are you seeking?  Tell us about your ideal job; We'll help you find

Client/Server Developers needed...

***C, C++, ORACLE (Sybase), SQL, Perl, UNIX (SUN Solaris 2.X is a plus!)

***Minimum 2 Years Experience -US College Degree - US Citizens and
Perm Residents Only***

e-mail your resume TODAY!!! FAX, or Snail Mail tomorrow....

Client/Server Resources
P.O. Box 61351
Potomac, Maryland  20859-1351
Tel: (301) 983-6942
Fax: (301) 983-4728

Fri, 05 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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