Job Opportunity w/startup Boston area S/W Co 
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 Job Opportunity w/startup Boston area S/W Co

        The following is a bit of information about an unusual start-up
company, its revolutionary products, and a Boston area career
opportunity. Chrysalis Symbolic Design, Inc. delivers innovative
software products to the Electronic Computer Aided Design (ECAD)
market.  These products employ a unique SYMBOLIC LOGIC(tm) technology
that accelerates our algorithms, allowing formal verification of
digital circuits with upwards of 600,000 gates.  Leading companies
like Advanced Micro Devices,  IBM MicroElectronics, Hewlett Packard,
Cray Research, Silicon Graphics, and Toshiba use our production-proven
formal verification tool to move their products to market in a shorter
time, with less cost and higher confidence.

        Our proprietary SYMBOLIC LOGIC(tm) technology gives us growth
opportunities for many innovative Electronic Design Automation/ECAD
tools.  Chrysalis has openings for those soon-to-be BS/MS/PhD
recipients who can take a proven new technology and create new
products. Corporate headquarters is in suburban Boston (N. Billerica).
Equal opportunity employer.

There's a current opportunity for a GUI Designer/Software Engineer at
our headquarters.

Job Duties:  Develop Graphical User Interface Software for our next
generation EDA tools (formal design verification, etc.)  Work in team
environment developing next generation technology as well as new
releases of current product.

Job Requirements:  Three plus years of relevant experience in a UNIX,
C environment, preferably for technical or scientific applications,
using TCL.  Experience with X-Windows or MOTIF may be substituted for

Additional details on the products, related job openings, and company
can be found on our Web site, http://www.*-*-*.com/ . My contact
information is below. Thank you for your consideration.


Paul Silver
Chrysalis Symbolic Design, Inc.
5 Billerica Park
N. Billerica MA  01862
(508) 436-9697 fax

Sun, 22 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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