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 Common code for Unix & NT

>   We're in the process of putting our pure Tk applications on
> Network Appliance boxes with CIFS so that they may be native
> mounted from both Unix and NT systems.  I'd like to run the
> same programs in both environments; without the MSDOS window
> behind the NT runs.

Let me make sure I understand what you want, first. Correct me wherever I

1)  You have scripts sitting on the Filer, visible to both Unix and NT.
2a) Under Unix, you want to take advantage of the shebang magic to be able
    to 'just run' your scripts.
2b) Under NT, you want to take advantage of the Explorer's extension
    mapping to be able to 'just run' your scripts by double-clicking on
3)  Under NT, you don't want the annoying console window flashing up.

Have I got all of this correct? If so, grab this tarball: (if you prefer)

It contains a really trivial program called 'noflash' that does the same
as the 15.17 recipe in the Ram. However, it doesn't require any Perl code,
which, in your case turns out to be a benefit.

Associate your extension (.ple, you suggested) with 'noflash perl "%1" %*'
(assuming noflash and perl are in your path -- you might be better off
giving them fully-qaulified names, though).

If I've understood you correctly, this will do what you want it to do. The
same sources will run under both Unix and NT, unmodified. Under NT, due to
the noflash invocation, they'll not display the console window.


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Mon, 09 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Common code for Unix & NT
        > For what it is worth (?): when the subject of recommended
        > came up on p5p not too long ago Tom Christiansen expressed his
        > for .pl since that was used for perl 4 package libraries.  He
went on
        > to recommend .plx for systems that need extensions (such as
NT) and I
        > have since seen a few scripts named with the .plx extension

        May I please argue against using something other than .pl on NT
and related boxes, if only because .pl has become a defacto standard.
It doesn't really affect me all that much since I wouldn't change over
(if you had a thousand separate scripts written based around .pl you
wouldn't either:).  Anyone still using perl 4 deserves to be confused:).

        --Toby Everett
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Tue, 10 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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