binding non-X events in listbox 
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 binding non-X events in listbox

I just implemented something similiar for a continually growing log

Somthing like:

$repeatid = $MAIN->repeat($pollinterval, sub{$pollflag++});
open (PSEUDOPIPE, "<$logfile");
until ($done) {  
    $size = -s $logfile;
    if ($oldsize < $size) {   #Append the new stuff.
        read(PSEUDOPIPE, $newstuff, $size - $oldsize);
        <Code to append $newstuff to listbox>
        $oldsize = $size;



Hope this helps,

Michael Bowler.

Michael Bowler                        IC Design Tools
Dept: 5T11                            Tel: (613) 765-1869

Sat, 17 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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