ANNOUNCE: Tk::Multi v0.1 beta release 
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 ANNOUNCE: Tk::Multi v0.1 beta release


Tk_Multi is a set of Tk composite widget to allow you to manage
several scrolled Text windows in your Toplevel window.

The manager allows you to hide or show any managed text window through a menu.

The text windows also have menus to increase, decrease the window size, and
a menu to print its content.

This module was written with perl5.004 and now works fine with Tk402.003.

A lots of bug were corrected thanks to Larry W. Virden tests. The interface
has not changed since version 0.03 (alpha), some new methods were added.

Here's the new line for the module list:
Tk::Multi        bdpO  Manages several text widgets under Tk        DDUMONT



Tue, 23 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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