Button state controlled by radiobuttons 
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 Button state controlled by radiobuttons


In a TopLevel, I launch a step of configuration via a button:

my $which_var=$displayallFrame->Button(-text => 'Which variables?',
                                       -command =>
                                       )->pack(-side => 'bottom');

Since the configuration is necessary only when a variable,
$gc_simulation->{"general_config"}->{"DisplayAllLevels"}, which is
controlled by the user, is false, I put the following two radiobuttons:

$displayallFrame->Radiobutton(-text => 'yes',
                              -value => '1',
                              -command => sub{$which_var->configure(-state => 'disabled')},
                              -variable =>
                              )->pack(-side => 'left');
$displayallFrame->Radiobutton(-text => 'no',
                              -value => '0',
                              -command => sub{$which_var->configure(-state => 'normal')},
                              -variable =>
                              )->pack(-side => 'right');

Therefore if I change the state of the radiobuttons, I change the state
of my button. However, when I launch the TopLevel, the button does not
know the state of the radiobuttons. What is the correct way to bind
the state of the button to the values of my radiobuttons?

Thanks very much,

Dr Nicolas Le Novre
Dpt of Zoology, Univ of Cambridge, Downing street, Cambridge CB2 3EJ, UK

Mon, 03 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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