TextUndo incorrect behavior perl/tk800.015 bug? 
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 TextUndo incorrect behavior perl/tk800.015 bug?

I have implemented a scrolled text widget with perl/tk 800.015. I am
getting strange undo/redo behavior.

Here is the text widget:

$textarea = $mainwindow->Scrolled('TextUndo', '-scrollbars'=>se,
'-wrap'=>none, '-width'=>80,
        '-height'=>25, '-bd'=>2 , '-font'=>$textFont,
        '-bg'=>$textbgcolor)->pack('-in'=>$bottomframe, '-side'=>top,
        '-expand'=>1, '-fill'=>both);

Here are my undo and redo procs they are called from menus.

sub undo_proc {


sub redo_proc {


and this is the strange behavior
I type the following line

the lazy quick brown fox jumped over the fence.

then hit undo and all of it disapears.  I believe that it shoudl only be
one letter at a time not the whole line. Am I implementing this
incorrectly or something or is this a bug?


Fri, 22 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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