Tk800.015 incompatible changes? 
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 Tk800.015 incompatible changes?

I'm using Tk800.011 that comes with Debian 2.1.

I developed a couple of modules, Tk::MesgBox and Tk::ColourChooser - (yes I
know there are supplied modules that do these things but the supplied ones
adopt a native look and feel under Windows and I wanted as near identical
look and feel regardless of OS.) I've also built some programs using them.

Since the release of Tk800.015 I've had some error reports back, basically
saying that these modules are broken.

Can anyone point me to a file which lists the changes in Tk800.015 (without
having to download the whole bundle!) so that I can see if I can fix this.
(The next version of Debian is likely to have Tk800.014 - certainly that's
the one in the 'unstable' section at the moment - so it may be some time
before I can try out 015.)


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