Install failed Tk800.015 
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 Install failed Tk800.015

I'm trying to install Tk800.015 onto an HP server. The install works
there are numerous clients who are running programs via mounted directories.
So effectively, the processing is taking place on the clients. Because the
clients are older systems, they are running PA-RISC1.1.

During the 'make test' part of the install process...I get warning messages
such as...

ld: (Warning) At least one PA 2.0 object file (Event.o) was detected. The
linked output may not run on a PA1.x system.

The install works OK, but the clients (older systems) cannot run perl/Tk via
the mounted directories. Okay, so I asked a CS, and he said "manually edit
the CCFLAGS variable in the Makefile to add +DAportable". This will/should
allow it to work on both PA-RISC2.0 and 1.1. After doing this, then running
a 'make test' ....I get the error message....

Make: Don't know how to make pm_to_blib. Stop.

Please help, if you can.

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