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I'm trying to build a GUI that monitors the output of a command.

Here's the overall design
-From a Main Window launch a new window ( A run window) with a text area
  and three buttons
   Run : Launches the command
   Kill : Kills the command while it's running
   Close: Close the run window

  Text area prints out  STDOUT and STDERR .

-The run window should remain active while the command is running so the
user can hit the Kill button.

I have been trying to use fileevent to do this. I found the tktail
example in the FAQ and pieced together some code based on this example.
But I get the following error once the command is no longer
sending anything to STDOUT or STDERR

Modification of a read-only value attempted at
/usr/lib/perl-5.004/lib/site_perl/Tk/Event/ line 115.

The error occurs when the line
$rw->fileevent(CMDPIPE, 'readable', "");
is executed.

Part of the problem is I have no idea what this line is doing. I thought
this command closed CMDPIPE.

If I use fileevent how do get the run window to stay active while the
command is running and when the command is completed

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