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 troubles ...

I'm starting working with the Activestate perl tk module. I've made a first
window ($mw) with two button, (next & close); then I associate a subroutine,
first killing the $mw window and creating a new $mw1 window. The user has to
enter some informations and then click on next or quit. Then I associate
(again !) a subroutine to the next button. Here, there is a problem : like
the first subroutine, I try to destroy the $mw1 windows and then create a
$mw2 one.

If I try to do this, when I launch the program, I get this message : "Name
"main::mw1" used only once : possible typo at C:\Perl\eg\ at line
63"; then the program can't open my secon subroutine window ... When I don't
destroy $mw1, no problem, the program run very well...

For me, it seems to be magic, because I don't know well "tk", for the
others, I think they will think "It's a stupid mistake", but where ??? Could
someone answer me : thanks
Guillaume CAILLE

Mon, 19 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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