HELP - install TK package - semi newbie :) 
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 HELP - install TK package - semi newbie :)

The read.txt for activestate perl (for NT ) says the following:

"Tk800.013 has been built by the author using ActivePerl
from ActiveState's APi509e.exe.

You need Visual C++ (Mine is version 6.0 - Professional Edition).

When you install ActivePerl, it provides patched C runtime as
which it installs in the "system32" directory.
This needs "administrator" rights on NT.

It also provides the import library PerlCRT.lib, but this is installed
in an odd location e.g. C:\ActivePerl\lib\CORE\PerlCRT.lib
where it is not found by MakeMaker or VC++.
I copied it to C:\VisualStudio\VC98\lib\PerlCRT.lib
(Your paths may vary dependinh where you installed ActivePerl and

Once that is done:

perl Makefile.PL
nmake test
nmake install_perl

Works as expected.

With prior verions of ActivePerl and Tk it has been necessary with some
versions of VC++ to downgrade "optimization"; from -O2 that ActivePerl
suggests, to -Od.  This does not _seem_ to be required this time. "

I  tried to run the nmake but it fails with a message

"Fatal Error : U1064 : Makefile not found and traget not specified "

IS there anyone who develops on NT and can help me set up the

Thanx in Advance!!!

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Sat, 17 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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