Tk::Scale -> slow callback 
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 Tk::Scale -> slow callback

Hi all,

I've detected a problem with the Tk::Scale widget.

My Tk is 800.023 (that one provided with ActiveState Perl-5.6.1, build 633),
so it's on Win32 (Win2k, SP2 in my case).

Problem: I've got a callback that takes about 500ms to be executed.
If I want to move the slider in the scale widget it's very slow (as you
would expect with such a slow callback). But when I release the slider
at some point, I would expect, that the last call to the callback would be
executed with the value, the slider has been released on. But this is
not the case; it's some intermediate value between start of sliding and
stop of sliding.

Even worse, this problem also occurs with faster callbacks - you
just have to move the slider faster to see the error.

- can this be fixed somehow?
- any idea for a workaround?

Thanks and regards,
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