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 man2html patch


I had some minor problem to feed the HTML documentation into
our full text indexer of the WWW server. The indexer complained
about the markup in title tag. (<B> <I>).  Further search results
display the title to identify the window. Therefore I added the file name
for easier identification. Patch appended.

Another thing is that there is now a Grid.htm (tixGrid) and
grid.htm (grid).  I guess that the names are also a problem in win32.
Therefore I would suggest to rename doc/mann/Grid.n doc/mann/tixGrid.n.
(If one what's to rebuild the html pages without running perl Makefile.PL
one can make Grid.n name change in doc/Makefile and doc/MANFILES by hand.)

Hope it's useful,
P.S. URL is subject to change but read/search at least for a while the
     Perl/Tk docu:   http://www.*-*-*.com/ :8080/doc/Tk402.001
     Impression, suggestions?

--- man2html    1997/06/19 20:18:51     1.1

     open($file,">$file") || die "Cannot open $file:$!";
-    $obj->tagged('TITLE',$obj->{Description}) if (defined $obj->{Description});
+    # Make a title:
+    my $title = $obj->{FNAME};
+    print "--- $title ---\n";
+    $title =~ s/-+/::/g;
+    $title =~ s/\.[^.]+$//g;
+    if (defined $obj->{Description})
+     {
+      my $text = $obj->{Description};
+      $text =~ s/<[^>]+>//g;
+      $title .= ' - ' . $text;
+     }
+    $obj->tagged('TITLE',$title);

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