ptk with perl 5.003_93 and Tk400.202 
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 ptk with perl 5.003_93 and Tk400.202

I have been trying to build tkperl with static loading using perl 5.003_93
and Tk400.202 . I have tried perl 5.003_93 with and without perl 5.003
binary compatibility. In each case i get a slightly different set of
unresolved external references when trying to build tkperl. Is there
a simple workaround or do I have to chase down each reference in the
perl 5.003_93 libraries ?

My system is BSDI 3386 3.0 on a 90 MHz pentium. The C compiler is gcc
which seems to be required for Tk400.202 .

bill hatch

Fri, 03 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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