Extracting font size ONLY from text widget with -cget 
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 Extracting font size ONLY from text widget with -cget

I created a small editor  in Perl/TL and wanted to give the user the
possibility to change the font family and size indepently in the text
frame for convenience. This is achieved via a subroutine bound to two
option menus. The subs read like:


BUT, when a new font is selected, the size is resetted to standard
size, and when a new size is selected, the font is set back to
standard font.
I tried to modify the subs by first extracting the current font
size/family and then assigning it explicitly again like this

but this command is ignored!
How can I get the option of an option via cget?
Thanx a lot!

Tue, 27 Dec 2005 18:22:02 GMT  
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