Binding - which widget to use? 
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 Binding - which widget to use?


        In my current project (I just started using Perl/Tk), I'd like to
have a dialog box pop up for confirmation of an action, and have ENTER and
ESCAPE bound to the appropriate buttons (YES and NO, or whatever they
happen to be.)  I've searched a few places, and it looks like it can be
done with some combination of bind and Subwidget.

        My questions, which widget should I use for the dialog box:  
Dialog, DialogBox, messageBox, or something completely different?  
[It's...] How are they different?  (it looks like one of them is derived
from another, no?)  And where can I find documentation for the Subwidget

        Thanks for any help, folks.

Jamie Kufrovich
Egg, eggie (at) sunlink (dot) net
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Tue, 22 Mar 2005 04:40:38 GMT  
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