wait for DialogBox->Show to completely remove the DialogBox from screen 
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 wait for DialogBox->Show to completely remove the DialogBox from screen


I am a newbie to Perl\Tk. I try to create a DialogBox with some fields
for the user to fill. After the user press OK and Show returns I want
to pop up a MsgBox.
The problem is that the MsgBox pops up but I can still see a mix of
the DialogBox and other windows behind it. The DialogBox doesn't
disappear completely from the screen
I've tried to use $widget->waitVisibility or $widget->waitWindow, but
they return only after I close my main toplevel and not when the Show
method of the DialogBox returns.

How can I wait for the DialogBox to completely disappear from the
screen before I pop up the MsgBox?


Yaron Goldberg

Fri, 25 Mar 2005 15:34:23 GMT  
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