A Plea to the Toolkit Gods.... 
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 A Plea to the Toolkit Gods....

I'd posted a question on the comp.lang.perl.tk newgroup regarding a severe
memory issue I was/am having due to neither destroy() or forget() actually
releasing acquired memory to system (Linux RH 5.1) a few weeks ago. Thus far
I havn't had any  success in reducing this problem and am fearful of the
future if I don't make some sort of headway...

Either I'm overlooking something (I've checked and re-checked) or there's a
genuine issue regarding TK as anything more than a tiny tool kit. The actual
program I done is great but ultimately useless if it has to be re-started
every hour or so.....

I have a small example that demostrates my approach (and the leak) for any
sympathetic divinity who could spare a couple of minutes to (maybe) put me
out of my misery and provide a pointer or two.

Yours in Hope,

Paul Scott

Tue, 10 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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