-postcommand and cascaded menus 
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 -postcommand and cascaded menus

I am having difficulty figuring out a good way to do the

When a user clicks on a menu, the GUI will automatically
search a set of files and populate info. from each file into a
cascaded menu label dynamically, and perform a callback when that
label is clicked on.

I have tried to do all of this with -postcommand, and the sub-labels
DO get populated, but the callback is immediately invoked, even
if the user didn't click on ANY sub-menu item.  In the snippet below,
everything in the innermost sub { } is executed as soon as the user
drags the mouse to the "Save Test Suite" label.  It should NOT be
executed until the user clicks on one of the sub-labels of
"Save Test Suite" that are populated dynamically.  
I must be overlooking something or making this more complex than it
needs to be.  Any ideas how to correct this?

TIA.  If responding via e-mail, replace the domain with

my $save_cascade = $menu3->cascade('-label' => 'Save Test Suite',
                                   '-tearoff' => 0);
$save_cascade->menu()->configure('-postcommand' =>
    sub { local $test_suite_ref, $listref, $description,
          $runlist_ref, $new_desc, $filename;
          $save_cascade->menu()->delete(0, 'end');

            $description = $test_suite_ref->[0]{description};
            $filename = $test_suite_ref->[0]{filename};
            # Populate the sub-labels dynamically
            $save_cascade->menu()->command('-label' => $description,
              '-command' =>
              sub { # Open the selected file and overwrite
                    # its contents with a new user description
                    # and list of scripts to run
                $new_desc = \&get_user_description();
                $runlist_ref = \&get_script_runlist();
                $listref = [{"filename" => $filename,
                             "description" => $new_desc,
                             "data" => $runlist_ref }];
                if(store($listref, "$ENV{HOME}/$filename")) {
                  print "\nSuccessful store into $filename\n";
                } else {
                  print "\nUnsuccessful store into $filename\n";
        } # end foreach
        # Additional menu item to save to a new file - it will be
        # included in the dynamically generated list above the next
        # time the menu is clicked
        $save_cascade->command('-label' => "Save new test suite",
                               '-command' => \&save_new_test_suite());

Wed, 21 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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