X11/Motif module -- need feedback + testers 
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 X11/Motif module -- need feedback + testers

I've been working on an X11/Motif perl module.  The module is almost
usable -- many Xt routines are wrapped and most Motif widgets and
their resources are supported.  Supporting a get values interface and
the basic X objects and drawing routines are the last on my list of
features needed for alpha release.

If you are interested in using this module, could you plase send
me mail?  Also, please include whether you are familiar with Tk and/or
perl and whether you would be willing to contribute features/fixes.

I'm also interested in hearing from people who have been working
on related X toolkit modules for perl.  I've been having a difficult
time reaching people signed up on the perl modules list; if I've
missed somebody I'm sorry.  

A very brief list of the implemented modules:


Whether the toplevel module is 'X' or 'X11' is still up in
the air.  I like 'X' only because it is shorter.  (And since the
chance of X12 is nil I don't think we really have to worry about
versioning issues... ;-)

I'll soon have preliminary support for:

  X::Event (perhaps based on the existing event module)
  X::Font (perhaps using the existing font struct module)

The primary API I've been going for is a Tk-like indirect
object interface.  A C library Xt/Xm clone is planned, but not
working yet.  This module is primarily aimed at embedded perl used
to extend Motif C/C++ applications.  Tk is probably a better module
to use for stand-alone scripts.

Future work may include an Athena widget set module, but this will
depend upon feedback (or volunteers... ;-) because Athena is not
on my to do list.

- Ken


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Sat, 22 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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